Norm Laviolette
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Using the Principles of Improv to Become an UNSTOPPABLE Powerhouse


The Reviews Are In!

This is a great book about how to use the skills from improvised comedy to be more creative and dynamic at work. It’s packed full of great insights, real-life examples and, with short chapters, it’s very snackable and easy to read on holiday too. Highly recommended.
It’s hard to say if the book falls more into the humor genre, or instructional, but be assured, it’s very applicable to the business life. Leaders and bosses of any field (especially marketing) will find several nuggets of information that carry into the real-life business practices.
The Art of Making Sh!t Up is loaded with advice, packaged in such a way that makes implementation seem fun, and even practical.

— Bethany Page, Vents Magazine

The Art of Making Shit Up is... a bountiful contribution to the library of books on how best to realize your creativity and put your best self into your chosen work every day.

— Anne Hollister,

It genuinely makes for an interesting and useful read.

— Kevin Chesters, The Marketing Society

It’s definitely a standout book for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills, or perhaps they have a work group that has a varied group of personalities. Laviolette’s book possesses those skills to assist you in navigating those waters.

— Clay Burton, IMAAI